Creating Your Vision

Creating your vision


What is your passion?

When looking to pursue your dream/vision, as an entrepreneur, you should create a product or service that has intrinsic value to you. After thinking about this, it leaves the question of “what is your passion?”. I decided to chose lawn care/landscaping as my entrepreneurial venture because of my experience growing up in an area where I was mowing lawns and cleaning up gardens from a young age. This is where I found my entrepreneurial passion, being outside every day, day-to-day work was always changing, and I could work on my own schedule. Work is much more enjoyable when your passion and job go hand-and-hand together, which is why I personally recommend creating or product/service that you are passionate about.

Steps on turning your vision into reality

  1. Get behind it – The thought process of creating an entrepreneurial vision is very extensive. Once you have found your product/service that you are passionate about and would like to pursue, do it. It is very easy to get lost in the brainstorming stage and never finalizing your idea, but you need to find your vision and make it happen.
  2. Making it happen – Your vision has been created, it is time to put together prototypes (product) or your specific offerings (service). It is important to have your product or service finalized before you begin marketing to avoid confusion as your small business continues into a potentially competitive market.
  3. Market – It is time to begin marketing your idea and getting it out to your target market. This is a huge stage in your start-up process and will impact the future of your company, so make sure to ace it.
  4. Engage – You are in the midst of marketing and already have some customers replying looking for your offering. This is the stage where you must satisfy customers by meeting their expectations along with finding a balance between work, customer relations, and continuing to market. This will be the stage you remain at until product line or company expansion, so it is important you work towards finding that perfect balance. It is very difficult to find this balance, but being an entrepreneur comes with making mistakes and learning from them to create a lasting business.

Tips for during the process

Confidence – You have created your product or service based on something that you enjoy and would like to pursue. It is important that you remain confident with your vision and don’t let any thing bring you down. If you think it is a good idea and realistic, you should do it.

Follow SMART goals – Make sure when you’re setting goals for your vision they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-Based. Following these steps allows you have the most effective goals possible.

Be Proactive – Throughout the creation process there will be many things that you can & cannot control, but it is important that you always stay proactive so you are ready to take on the tasks you do have control over. Being proactive can cut down on the time you waste reacting to an event which you had the ability to be prepared for.


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