Services We Provide

Programming and Advisory Services:

  • One-On-One business counselling
  • Entrepreneurial series programming
  • Research on campus
  • Funding options for entrepreneurs
  • Networking
  • Competitions
  • Student working space

Lunch & Learns with entrepreneurs:

Get up close and personal with entrepreneurs, trail blazers and innovators, who will share their successes and failures. Learn about different paths to entrepreneurship from the perspective of the entrepreneur. What’s it like to be a start-up? How do you come back from a failure? Does your definition of success change with your experience?


Put your entrepreneurship skills to the test at Start It Up weekends. The competition begins with picking the problems you want to solve, and your teammates. Through the course of the competition, you will review the Lean Business Model canvas to develop your plan, and have access to a variety of mentors and industry experts.

Following the planning and development stage, you’ll meet with the panel of judges to present your work and receive feedback. The top teams will then pitch to all of the participants. Winning teams will receive prizes including some seed-money to launch your business, and support services.


What’s the secret to success? Great ideas, timing, planning and networking. Each person you meet could have an impact on your success or failure. Do you have a plan for meeting people? What types of questions do you ask them? How do you plan to stay in touch? How do you ask for introductions to other people in their networks?

Let us help – we provide programming on How to Network, and each event is an opportunity to network with a variety of people from industry, government, and business.