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About Integrated HACCP Solutions:

Integrated HACCP Solutions provides an online service that helps food processors generate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) safety plans.

HACCP systems are currently used worldwide as a means to ensure food safety through prevention and trace-ability.

By 2018, new regulations will be implemented requiring food processors who ship out of province or those who sell to large chains that ship out of province, to have a HACCP system in place.

A HACCP system is a preventative approach to food safety.

Integrated HACCP Solutions is a new small business based in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.


Something different entertainment 

About Something Different Entertainment:

Something Different is “The Home of Expression”


Their vision is to promote the different.
A place where the unique fit in.
A place that provides opportunity through a healthy competitive environment.
Wherever you may be.

Their goal is to connect and help grow local artists. Stay tuned for exciting news and content from amazing artists. You never know, some may even be your neighbors, friends, or even you!

To learn more about Something Different, check out their website below: