Marketing Your Vision

Marketing your vision


Personal Experience

As an entrepreneur, I was able to experience marketing first-hand as I had to promote Student Lawn Care (SLC) to our target market. Previously mentioned, my partner and I used Vistaprint to acquire a large amount of our promotional materials, business cards, posters, car magnets, lawn signs, and shirts. We then began our primary source of marketing, which was going door-to-door around the local neighbourhood’s in Bedford. This plus word of mouth marketing, which came after our first few jobs, proved to be quite effective for us as we built relationships with customers and resulted in jobs. We also posted an ad on kijiji at the beginning of the summer which ended up being worth-while as we received a handful of jobs from it.



SOCIAL MEDIA! This is one thing that my partner and I never got around to creating for SLC. There are so many opportunities, mainly for Facebook in our case, to market and acquire customers through social media. Facebook has many avenues for individuals looking for lawn care and looking at it in hindsight, we should have been all over those. It is a free tool to market your company that I would highly recommend to spend some time and create a page for your small business.

CREATE A WEBSITE! People are beginning to rely on technology more and more, therefore adapting to this and creating something online that they can see as they browse webpages is an asset. It does not have to be complicated, just get the main points your business can offer to them along with contact information so when a customer is looking for work, your business is available to them as an option.

PROMOTE YOUR STRENGTHS! Being students and local to Bedford gave us an upper hand on some competitors. Customers were likely to give business to hard working students, as long as you do a good job, your customer base would be consistent and reliable. When marketing we chose to use this as our competitive advantage and as long as we met their work expectations, we were hired and recommended to others.

Who are you marketing towards?

Putting together your methods of marketing is all one part, the other part is deciding who these ads will be directed towards. You as the entrepreneur, or in this case, marketing director, have to find your target market and warp your marketing to shape their needs and interests. For example, we had a large target market as we were doing a broad service (lawn care/landscaping), but we still had a target market. We were targeting individuals that lived in Bedford and were in the higher level income bracket which gave us the highest chance of being employed due to our competitive advantage.


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